8:30, Kansas City Chiefs away to the Philadelphia Eagles, who coached 14 in Philadelphia season - Andy Reid (Andy Reid) will also be the first to lead the other team back here fighting for him special significance. European soccer channel, Tencent will broadcast the game, please watch!

Reid has spent 14 in Philadelphia, Spring, whether it is media hype or personal feelings for Reid to do now is to make his new coaching team in the new season unbeaten, but looks completely Emirates may start to win three in a row.

Reid is the best coach in the history of the Eagles, Reid win total since 1999 as many as 136 sessions coached the Hawks, winning is amazing 60.9%. In 14 years, the Hawks let Reid became the longest in team coached coach, Reid led the Eagles 9 Chuang playoffs, won six division titles, and five times untouchable fight into the League of Nations finals, led scored over a Super Bowl. Reid walked into Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia affirmed the mood is very complex, regardless of how he parted ways with the Eagles certainly do against Zhezhi scored 63 points in two games, a 3-1 record the Eagles.

'You have to understand their current team is not done all the preparations,' Reid said at the Emirates official website. 'I will bring all his energy in Kansas City, I do not mind to consider other things, this also unnecessary, I want to focus all our attention on the next game to be carried out in, not a hint of negligence. Every coach all know that good to play Thursday night race, although the tempo a little bit faster, but you have to learn to adapt, hard to prepare the game, then go all out in the game. '

last week's 30-33 loss to the Eagles at home to San Diego electro-optical team, the game Hawks also have to pay sufficient attention, not only because Reid returned to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan night before - McNabb (Donovan McNabb ) No. 5 jersey will also be retired in sublimated football jerseys Philadelphia.

Eagles quarterback Michael - Vick (Michael Vick), said: 'This is just a game, we are well prepared for the game we will play a more active, we will try by all means to win this next game. This victory is very important for us, this is our 11 days in the third game, but we are confident. 'Vick in the last two games to win the 631 yards, framed football jerseys four touchdowns, no interceptions , high quarterback rating of 119.0 is third in the league.

Vic and his team to understand now that it can not support two 2012 wins and 14 losses in the emirate. Chiefs defensive tackle winter Tari - wave (Dontari Poe), said: cool football jerseys 'Most of the players on our team have experience before last year's embarrassment, now everyone focus, play hard, fight to prevent a repeat of last season's embarrassing.'

2010 season Chiefs have won three straight to open season, last week's victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the game, in the crucial third quarter, Chiefs quarterback Alex - Smith (Alex Smith) passed to wide receiver Devi Well - Bowie (Dwayne Bowe) a go-ahead 12-yard touchdown score, and ultimately help Chiefs to beat the Cowboys 17-16.

Smith has reported four touchdowns, no interceptions. The defense, Chiefs defensive group is currently only pink football jerseys allows two opponents to win over a touchdowns, and won a record nine sacks, but this week they have to face a full daunting task.

Since Chip - Kelly (Chip Kelly) to replace Reid became the new head coach of the Eagles since the Eagles' fast-paced, a lot of non-Poly to advance 954 yards of total offense already, scored seven touchdowns. Running back Le Xiaoen - McCoy (LeSean McCoy) 42 red balls advancing 237 yards, six catches for 119 yards. After the 2012 season struggling with rib injury wide receiver DeShawn half - Jackson (DeSean Jackson) in notre dame football jerseys 11 games last season, only 45 catches, 700 yards and two touchdowns, while healthy this season He has scored 16 catches, 297 yards and two touchdowns.

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob - Sutton (Bob Sutton), said: 'This year the Eagles off season we learned a lot of things before the game against them, we have a lot of research Hawks tactics, just making a good plan, and then execute the game seriously, I think we can win this battle have provisions. '

Eagles last week's defeat, but also test the ability to coach Kelly a great opportunity. The final stage of the race last week, Kelly stick to their fast attack mode within 14 seconds and made three unsuccessful passes, which only allow kicker Alex - Henny Lane (Alex Henery) hit a record 32 yards free kick score to chase the score 30 level. And again won the ball lightning quarterback Philip - Rivers (Philip Rivers) with 1 minute 44 seconds into the Eagles the ball leisurely half, resulting in seven seconds before the whistle by the kicker Hand Nick - Novak (Nick Novak) completed the lore of the 46 yards free kick.

Kelly said: 'I was asked after the game that we can perform in the game more offensive punch the ball to balance the time you answer of course is possible because in the game we did not score early, the game has been in?. chase points, so we want to get more points to put the initiative back in their own hands. Someone said that we should pay more attention to control the time, but in the anxious stage of the game, if the offensive group is limited, so we have to have another way to get next game. '

Eagles maintained a three-game winning streak for the Chiefs record, the last fight was in 2009 at home to beat the Chiefs 34-14, Jackson 6 times the ball 149 yards. Including a Kevin - Kolb (Kevin Kolb) came in 64 yards touchdowns. Tight end Brent - Se Leike (Brent Celek) 8 catches, 104 yards and a get touchdowns. Running back McCoy has rushed the ball custom pink football jerseys 84 yards a touchdown. (Kimi)

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